• We can prevent crime before it happens while improving people’s quality of life by investing in communities instead of the police 

  • The police receive $151.5 million dollars, 36.4% of the total budget. 

  • This money is often spent suppressing protests against this wasteful spending.

  •  We believe this is a clear contradiction of democracy. 

  • All across America we’ve seen countless videotaped instances of police brutality. These horrifying images highlight a culture of oppression that must be confronted

  • Abusive police do not fear accountability at an individual or institutional level

  • We will cut the police budget by at least 50%



  • Addiction is a disease not a crime

  • The laws are meant to throw people in jail, not treat the disease

  • Our laws discourage people from seeking the help that they need

  • Keeping nonviolent people incarcerated is fiscally irresponsible

  • Refocus police on keeping people safe

  • We will decriminalize all drugs and free non-violent drug offenders


  • Rent is often a working household’s greatest expenditure

  • Limiting what a household spends on rent gives them more disposable income at the end of the month

  • Nobody should have to pay more than 30% of their income in rent

  • Raising rents rapidly and without warning disrupts and undermines communities

  • We will implement rent control and work directly with residents to form tenant's unions